Mental Health is a Human Right

Breakout is focused on ensuring mental health as a human right to all.

Whether you are working as a humanitarian or a human rights activist, experiencing trauma, witnessing trauma, hearing about trauma, reporting on trauma, or being exposed to traumatic situations in general, it can take its toll on your mind, body, health, and relationships.

Breakout is here to help.

Have you been experiencing any of the following?

  • \Feeling suddenly panicked?
  • \Dreading going to work?
  • \Unwanted, disturbing thoughts or memories?
  • \Feeling tense or upset?
  • \Avoiding memories, thoughts, or feelings?
  • \Feeling frightened, as if something awful is about to happen?
  • \Feeling irritable or isolated from those around you?
  • \Difficulty concentrating or sleeping?
  • \Having nightmares or bad dreams?
  • \Having difficulties feeling happiness or pleasure?

These reactions are common after experiencing or witnessing an adverse or traumatic event. Additionally, those working in humanitarian aid, activism and helping professions, frequently accumulate these reactions over time after repeated exposure to tragic or difficult experiences. This can lead to problems in your daily life and your ability to do your work.

Breakout Sessions are being offered online, free of charge, and on an ongoing basis.  See our Breakout Sessions Page for more details and to sign up for a Session.

Breakout also offers trauma services to humanitarian workers, human rights activists, and organizations who are regularly exposed to various forms of trauma and adverse experiences due to the nature of the work they do. See our Services Page for more details.