Have you been affected by the
Boulder King Soopers shooting?

Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms of Acute Stress...

  • Feeling suddenly panicked?
  • Dreading going to work?
  • Unwanted, disturbing thoughts or memories?
  • Feeling inexplicably tense or wound up?
  • Avoiding memories, thoughts, or feelings?
  • Feeling frightened, as if something awful is about to happen?
  • Feeling irritable, cut off or isolated from those around you?
  • Difficulty concentrating or sleeping?
  • Trouble feeling happiness or pleasure?

Breakout is offering Brief Acute Stress Intervention or “Breakout Sessions”  to help Boulder community members manage the personal impact of the King Soopers shooting on March 22, 2021.  

All Breakout Sessions are being offered on an unlimited basis and are

FREE of charge

*** Please note that due to licensing restrictions in the US, if you are permanently or temporarily located in one of the states listed below, we cannot provide these services to you at this time: Alaska, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming. 

What is a "Breakout Session," and
how can it help?

The goal of a Breakout Session is to provide rapid relief for people experiencing the symptoms of Acute Stress.


A Breakout Session IS:

     · A somatic-sensory stabilization intervention to help reduce the symptoms of Acute Stress by changing how vividly and emotionally charged an experience is stored in the brain. When the events are thought about in the future, they feel more like “just memories” without the previously associated distressing emotions and somatic symptoms.
     · An individual stabilization intervention conducted within an online group of up to 8 people. It is similar to how a yoga or meditation class allows individuals to move through their own individual experience within a group setting. This enables us to serve more people in less time than individual sessions.
    · An intervention provided by a licensed mental health therapist that utilizes a stress stabilization technique that has been used in various crisis situations throughout the world.  

A Breakout Session is NOT

     ·“Group therapy.” It is an individual intervention designed to provide symptom relief; conducted in a group setting. Confidentiality is maintained throughout, as the intervention does not involve talking or describing the experience.
     ·“Stress management.” Unlike stress management, which teaches people how to manage the impact of increased stress through the use of coping skills, the goal of a Breakout Session is designed to reduce or eliminate disturbing emotions, images, body sensations or thoughts.  
     ·“Debriefing.”  Crisis debriefings are conducted after a crisis or critical incident is over.  A Breakout Session is designed to provide Acute Stress symptom relief BOTH while the crisis is ongoing as well as afterwords.