Breakout Sessions

What is a “Breakout Session,” and how can it help?

The goal of a Breakout Session is to provide rapid relief for people experiencing the effects of trauma and adverse events.

In the humanitarian aid world, it is recommended to use interventions addressing the needs of individuals before, during, and after a crisis situation. Breakout Sessions are designed as an intervention that can be used both during and after crisis situations. 

A Breakout Session is . . .

An intervention to help reduce or eliminate the effects of trauma and adverse experiences by changing how vividly and emotionally charged an experience is stored in the brain. When the events are thought about in the future, they feel like “just memories” without the previously associated distressing emotions, and reactions.

An individual intervention conducted within a group setting (either online or in-person). It is similar to how a yoga or meditation class allows individuals to move through their own individual experience – within a group setting. Your experience is personalized and confidential – nothing is shared with the group. This enables us to serve more people in less time than individual sessions.