Burnout Prevention

Burnout Prevention

The ongoing mental health of an organization’s staff members plays a large part in staff well-being, burnout, and consequently, staff retention or turnover.  High staff turnover rates can be costly to an organization both financially as well as to the progress of the mission.  These services are designed to address the mental health needs of an organization’s staff to keep them mentally healthy and able to offer their best to the populations they serve.

Breakout’s services offer either ongoing stress management to staff members or more in-depth retreat-style mental health intervention.

Ongoing Breakout Sessions

These virtual one-hour group sessions can be offered on an ongoing bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.  These sessions are designed to reduce the effects of trauma and adverse events.

Breakout Retreats

Breakout Retreats run between 2 – 4 days, depending on the needs of the organization.  These retreats will include up to 6 hours of in-depth treatment of trauma  and adverse experiences in a group format for all participants, along with individual treatment as needed. These retreats are highly customizable to an organization and can be conducted either on the ground with your staff, or virtually.

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